Classical Mythology 2014

CLST 105: Course Overview

William Blake, Ladder Uniting Heaven and Earth (Jacob's Ladder) (1799)

William Blake, Ladder Uniting Heaven and Earth (Jacob’s Ladder) (1799)

Classical Studies 105 offers a broad introduction to the vibrant world of Greek and Roman mythology and its living role in modern storytelling. The goals of the course are to familiarize students with the myths, with the primary texts in which they are told, with the place of myth-telling in ancient culture, and to introduce students to the chief interpretive theories of myth that have been developed over the past century. The course also touches on the reception of ancient myths in contemporary film and other media. Emphasis will be placed on reading primary sources in English translation, and as a result students will gain a familiarity with a variety of ancient literary genres. This course also develops valuable, transferrable skills in academic reading and writing.

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