Greek Philosophy 1: Podcast Lectures (Oct 27-31)

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Podcast 1: Presocratic Philosophy and its Sources

  • Aristotle’s Metaphysics 1 and Physics 1 as sources for reconstructing Presocratic thought, now surviving only in fragments
  • Presocratic thought as an historical tradition of “theōria” and the study of causes (aitia) in Aristotle’s sense; compare our preceding scussion of “four cause” theory
    • Material cause (“out-of-which”)
    • Efficient cause (“whence-the-kinēsis”)
    • Formal cause (“according-to-which”)
    • Final cause (“for-the-sake-of-which”)
  • Aristotle’s interpretive influence as a “lens” on Presocratic thought, organizing earlier thinkers into his framework of four causes
  • Please read: Ricken, Philosophy of the Ancients paragraphs 1-3, 5 (pp. 3-4, 7-8: note that Ricken is henceforth cited by paragraph number, not page number).

Podcast 2: Hesiod’s Theogony

  • Hesiod as Poet or Philosopher
  • Reading the Theogony (HT 1.1): Chaos, Gaia and Erōs
  • Please read: HT 1.1, Ricken paragraph 4

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