Greek 101: First-Year Ancient Greek

Plato and Aristotle in Debate. Lucia della Robbia, Florence

Plato and Aristotle in Debate. Lucia della Robbia, Florence

Logic, physics, astronomy, economics, politics, democracy, philosophy, poetry, mathematics, technology, neurons and the galaxy—what do they all have in common? To begin with, they’re all named by Greek words. Nearly 40% of modern English vocabulary, and 75% of medical terms, stem from classical Greek or Latin; and countless modern institutions, from the lawcourts to literary genres and the university itself, have their conceptual foundation in the ancient Greek world. This is the language of Plato, Homer, and Sappho; of the birth of tragedy and comedy, lyric and philosophy; of early Western science and philosophy; and of the Christian New Testament. The influence of Greek can be felt at many turning-points in the adventure of human culture.

This course introduces the ancient Greek language in the context of the ancient Greeks’ culture, life, and thought. During this term, we will study the Greek alphabet (don’t worry, it’s not too difficult!) and the foundations of classical Greek grammar and vocabulary. We’ll also read short, adapted excerpts from Greek literature.

Additional Materials


  • For Monday, Sep 19: Workbook ch. 1α, exercises 1α & 1β
  • For Wednesday, Sep. 21: Textbook ch. 1β, exercise 1β, numbers 1–3.
  • For Friday, Sep. 23: Textbook ch. 1β, p. 12, comprehension questions, and exercise 1γ no. 1.
  • For Monday, Sep 26: Textbook ch. 2α, readings (p. 16); exercise 2α (p. 17) even numbers only.
  • For Wednesday, Sep 28: Workbook ch. 2α, 2α & 2γ or 2β & 2δ.
  • For Friday, Sep 30: Prepare for Quiz 1.
  • For Monday, Oct 3 and Wednesday, Oct 5: Textbook ch. readings and grammar study.
  • For Friday, Oct 7: Workbook ch. 2β, exercises 2θ and 2λ; and Textbook ch. 3α, readings and grammar study.
  • For Monday, Oct 17: Textbook exercise 3β, odd numbers only
  • For Wednesday, Oct 19: Study for Midterm
  • For Friday, Oct 21: Study textbook readings for ch. 3β; and prepare Textbook exercise 3ε, odd numbers (1, 3, 5)
  • For Monday, Oct 24: Prepare remainder of Textbook exercise 3ε (even numbers)
  • For Wednesday, Oct 26: Prepare readings & grammar for Textbook ch. 4α
  • For Friday, Oct 28: Prepare Textbook exercises 4δ and 4ε
  • For Wednesday, Nov 2: Review ch. 4β
  • For Friday, Nov 4: Prepare Textbook exercise 4λ, numbers 1, 3, and 5.
  • For Mon, Nov 7: Prepare readings and study chapter, 5α.
  • For Wed, Nov 9: Quiz study; and prepare Textbook exercise 5δ, 1-3.
  • For Wed, Nov 16: Textbook exercise 5ζ, 1-6; review grammar in 5β.
  • For Mon, Nov 21: Textbook exercise 5η, 1-5.
  • For Fri, Dec 2: Textbook exercise 6ι, 5-10; review grammar in 7α.

Sample Tests & Tests