William Blake, Ladder Uniting Heaven and Earth (Jacob's Ladder) (1799)

William Blake, Ladder Uniting Heaven and Earth (Jacob’s Ladder) (1799)

Hellas: The World of Greek Myth and Literature

Instructor: Dr. Michael Griffin (e-mail: michael.griffin@ubc.ca)

Course overview

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Reading Sources (for download)

Course Reading List

  • For Tuesday, June 23: Edinger pp. 1-6, 33-9, 54-5, 117-19, and Hymns, Iliad Odyssey to taste
  • For Wednesday, June 24: Nussbaum, ‘Luck & Ethics’ (pp. 1-3, 8, 18-19) and ‘Tragedy’ (pp. 25-30; 32-37, 49-50); Sappho, selected poems (linked above)
  • For Thursday, June 25: Historians and sophists (custom course materials, linked above)
  • For Friday, June 26: Philosophy part 1; and (optionally) Philosophy part 2. (Both linked above)
  • You may find it useful and interesting, in general, to explore the readings in Edinger as a sourcebook for Greek myths.

Other Resources

  • Theoi.com: Texts and family trees of Greek gods and heroes
  • The Chicago Homer: Text of the Homeric poems, hymns, and Hesiod, including Greek and current English translations
  • The Perseus Project: Texts and translations of much Greek and Latin literature

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