TLEF Application: Sample Material

This page contains temporary sample material and demonstrations in progress for the undergraduate research / graphic novel project in Greek philosophy, submitted as a standard TLEF application for the 2014/15 academic year.

  • Animation technique for delivery in Flash/HTML5: Acropolis of Athens
    • Completed video sample developed with technique this year by Michael Griffin & Circle Learning (to be used with narrative voiceover, inspired by RSA animate videos)
      • Source image (painting by Leo von Klenze)
      • Our design will combine relevant graphics with text and clear, concise narration. This approach leverages the separate channels that learners have for processing visual and auditory materials in ways that enable the learner to make deeper cognitive sense of the material. Learning is facilitated when these channels work together to clearly communicate the instructional message and link the new information to prior knowledge.
  • Sample student-created frames for first episode of graphic novel storyboarded by undergraduates (episode centring on rescue and preservation of Greek philosophical library in 6th century CE by the Neoplatonist Simplicius)